Best Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is any photographer, designer or illustrator’s go-to software for many purposes. You can use several filters to transform a plain looking image into a completely cool, new one, or use the clone and stamp tool to remove unwanted objects from your photos. You can even use the brush tool to create artistic masterpieces or crop something from one image and place it into another one. There are so many options to explore that the software is enough to make beginners’ heads spin.


However, it is not cheap to acquire and can mean dishing out serious dough over time thanks to its subscription based model. Even if you do have it, there are times when unforeseen situations lead to one not being able to access it. In such a case, there are several other alternative editors available that can be downloaded online to help you achieve the same effects as Photoshop with great ease.


Luminar is an image editing tool that is highly appreciated among serious photographers. Fun and easy to use, Luminar lets you unleash your creative genius while not getting too in-depth and overwhelming you. It has a large number of editing tools allowing you to do everything from improving the accent of a photo to applying filters that let you alter contrast, brightness or the temperature. Luminar has gotten so famous in such a short time because it provides Photoshop-like features for a small price while also keeping the overall interface simple to understand. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like complicated software, Luminar is the perfect alternative to Photoshop.



GNU Image Manipulation Program is a very strong and practical software that can be easy to use if you are familiar with the inner workings of Photoshop. Download it fee of cost from its website and use it to create layers, remove noise, sharpen images, and perform selective editing, lens and color correction. Even if you don’t know how to do one or more of these things, head on over to their website and watch any of the free tutorials they offer. Several professional photographers, designers and illustrators use GIMP to get their work done.

Linux Krita:

Krita has been praised by several among the designing community for being one of the best image editing tools for platforms like Linux and Unix. It is a default program on the KOffice suite, great for editing images across an open-source platform. Even though it is not the same thing as Photoshop, it sure packs a mean punch as a Photoshop alternative.


Seashore is an open-source image editing tool based on Mac’s Cocoa framework, so it is perfect for Mac users. This tool uses pretty much the same file formatting as GIMP, and thus a lot of its features end up being similar to the features offered with GIMP. It has some major editing features like alpha channel support, gradients, transparency, multiple layers and brush strokes. It is a very easy to use Photoshop alternative with a simple interface, and might be worth a look.


If you cannot close your browser, even for the purpose of editing an image, Pixlr is probably the best online image editing option for you. You will get pretty much the same tools as Photoshop without having to pay anything and without leaving the comfort of your browser with Pixlr’s excellent online editor. Not only does it have features in common with Photoshop like selection tools, filters and effects, resizing, text overlays etc. it also has the same layout and keyboard short-cuts as Photoshop.
However, we would not name Pixlr as a definitive alternative to Photoshop, as pretty much any online editor will not have all the features that Adobe’s giant has. However, if you use Photoshop for basic to mid-level photo editing, then Pixlr is a truly great and free option.