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online Photoshop alternatives

Photoshop, in itself, is an excellent graphic editor, which can lot. Any photographer can use photoshop for any work on an image. But to someone it may seem very difficult, someone – uncomfortable, someone will not appreciate the interface. Despite the fact that Photoshop is the most common image application program, there are many good alternatives that you can use free of charge and legally. Of course, which of the analogs of Photoshop to use, which everyone decides for himself. If you are not sure that you can quickly master a new program with an unusual interface, do not worry – each of these programs has proper documentation, with which you will understand all their functions.


The Pixlr photo editor, like the online PhotoShop, is an interactive photo editor that allows you to edit a photo or any other image directly on the Internet, without downloading and installing any programs on your computer. Software easy use everywhere. On this page, you can download and process a photo or another graphic file. The program has many tools for processing images, similar to those in Photoshop. The —Āreate new model is effortless.

The Pixlr service is free. The photo editor can work in Russian and many other languages and does not require registration. The main advantages of this photo editor are the high speed of work and the entirely Russified menu of the editor. Thanks to a system based on Flash, the rate of loading and image processing is very high. The editor works fine even on low-speed Internet lines and low-power computers and allows edit and save any pictures.

The image that was downloaded is automatically deleted from the server 5 minutes after the end of work with it in the photo editor.


Service Canva is a surprisingly simple service for graphic design with photo editing tools. So the developers of this fantastic tool write about themselves.

Canva is an online service. All the manipulations with the picture or photo, you produce on the site. The finished product (it can create a poster, banner, letter, business card, screensavers on profiles in social networks, etc.) you download to your computer. You can download the resulting image in jpeg (about 800 pixels) or high quality – pdf (from 1250 pixels).

Register via e-mail or Facebook account. The service is free, but some templates (and their number increases) and some elements, for example, ready-made pictures-illustrations, paid: from $ 1-2 per item.

You can select a custom image size, and not just use predefined templates.

A large and varied selection of fonts in English allows easily add text. You can write in Russian, but the choice of fonts that adequately reflect the Cyrillic alphabet is much more unfortunate.

All created projects are saved in the profile. If desired, they can be made public.


The program looks like its seriousness – although you should not take it too much to heart, to your older brother, Photoshop. The program is very far away, and the developers do not have it (again, you have to take into account the complexity of working with large files that need to be preloaded on the Internet). Otherwise, the interface is simplified: the image editing tools are reduced to a minimum, even if it is rich. There are tools for constructing different forms of selection, framing, lasso, free conversion, rotation, various shapes, brush, and pencil. It also can fill, eraser, smudge smearing, text insertion, hand and eyedropper, background and base colors).

Layers are supported, with different overlapping effects and transparency. There is an increase in sharpness and blur, pixelization and noise addition, the first translation in B / W, and so the same heap of necessary adjustments for color correction, which are present even in Picasa. It is interesting that you can open files from your computer either from the Internet or from your own server (you can also save a temporary version of the file) or from Flickr !, Facebook, Picasa or any server using a direct link.

Of course, not one analog of adobe photoshop express can compare with its prototype, but still be able to replace the essential functions necessary for processing and basic image editing. Therefore, if you do not have extra money, but want to work with graphics – choose one of the free photoshop alternative described above and enjoy excellent functionality and ease of operation. And which editor is suitable for solving your particular problems is up to you.

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