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free photoshop alternatives

Photoshop – is a robust program for professional processing of photo materials. The number of available image editing tools for working with photos is admirable. Of course, this is the best program for working with pictures, and that’s why it is used by professional photographers, photo editors and all who are involved with photo processing. But there is one drawback of this program, which forces you to look for free photoshop alternatives – price.

Often, a simple user does not need the entire set of tools, which is enclosed in Photoshop, and you need to pay for everything. Therefore, users are increasingly looking for free photoshop replacement. A full-fledged free alternative does not exist, and everything else is a program for working with photos that either simulate Photoshop. But have those functions that are usually needed by an ordinary user in daily work with photos, it can be cropping photos, resizing, overlaying the background, correcting color effects (filters), fills, etc.

Photoshop – this is a very complicated photo editor with editing tools based, which is mostly used by professionals. To solve domestic problems, there will be enough free analogs, which you will find out below.

XnView – view and easy image editing tool

First of all, you need to decide what you will do with the images. If you only need to resize and cut additional pieces, to view the photo in a convenient form, then for the eyes of a XnView type program suffices. Can do a lot and supports a great variety of image formats. Very easy to use. I use it myself for viewing and simple editing of images.

This is a small, but very powerful utility for viewing and processing photos, which allows you to work with photos at a high enough level. This is genuine photoshop alternative. Probably, to a large extent, it’s still a photo viewer with the processing function. With XnView, you can resize photos, change the image format, crop frames (crop) and perform some other actions. For what I love XnView, so it’s for its speed of work – it runs instantly. In doing so, I continuously use the framing, resizing and formatting functions.

Also, XnView can process photos using predefined filters such as blur, sharpening, noise increase/reduction, effects overlay and much more. Of course, like any self-respecting photo editing app, XnView can change gamma, sharpness, channel settings; allows you to rotate the image, reflect horizontally and vertically. Features and tools are enormous. But the primary emphasis, as I said, was aimed at viewing photos.

Of the program’s minutes, it is worth noting that the lack of the automatic update function. XnView can independently check for a new version, but all that it says is the message “A new version is available” and the “OK” button. Then, whatever you want, do it yourself, look for the site yourself, download the distribution from it and install it yourself. This is not very correct from convenience, and so far ancient versions of the application have been in use, which should have been updated long ago. Just do it is not so comfortable and convenient.

GIMP is a powerful free best image editing

If you need the software for a higher level of photo editing, take a look at the editor GIMPShop. It is an open source editor based on the popular GIMP, which is approximated by the interface to Photoshop. On the internal device and philosophy, the program remains entirely gimp gnu image, only now the user of Photoshop more comfortable to get used to it. Like GIMP itself, the program supports plug-ins, can communicate with scanners via TWAIN, has the scripting language Script-fu.

Paint.NET is a bitmap graphics editing tool based

Still there free photoshop alternative is a project called Paint.NET. This program is a bitmap graphics editor for Windows, developed on the .NET Framework. The application started as a project designed at the University of Washington for Microsoft Windows under the leadership of Microsoft. Paint.NET is programmed in C #, with some C ++ used for installation and integration with the shell.

The features of Paint.Net are impressive. In addition to the standard editing functions (drawing with a pencil, a brush, geometric shapes, color fills). There are also more serious ones that allow you to process photos – change the brightness, contrast, saturation, remove the red-eye effect, take pictures in black and white, as well as various artistic effects analogs of which can be found in professional graphic editors. Of the other severe features of the program, support for layers and an unlimited number of cancellations of changes made should be noted. can work both with standard file types (BMP, jpg, gif, png) and with its format, which supports all the features of the program.

The program has a very convenient interface, providing quick access to all necessary tools, and access to the edited images is carried out directly from the toolbar with the help of small photos. It’s nice that among the supported languages there is also Russian.

And without that, the extensive capabilities of the graphic editor can be expanded with the help of plugins and effects on the Paint.Net site, the number of which, due to the active work of the community, is continually growing. There are special effects and add-ons for exporting and importing images, and much more.

Of course, Paint.Net can not wholly replacement for photoshop; it is not intended for this. But the possibilities for free image editing, as well as for creating works by artists, are enough for this image editing apps.

Inkscape – vector graphics editor

The program Inkscape is a vector graphics editor, it is convenient for creating both artistic and technical illustrations. This software was made possible mainly thanks to the open format of SVG, developed by the W3C consortium. The SVG form allows you to create examples of various types, including animated ones. Because SVG is based on the XML markup language, you can write extensions to it than the authors of Inkscape and use. The image editing software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

As you can see, you can do without photoshop and illustrator, especially if you are not a professional designer or artist. The cost of Photoshop is very high, although there are budget editions. Using the editors described above, you can achieve the same goals without resorting to the use of pirated software.


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