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Everyone wants to upload the best looking photos onto their social media accounts and uploading ordinary, unedited photos is not an option. While the first names that come to mind when one thinks of photo editing is Adobe Photoshop or its less powerful cousin Photoshop Elements, these not the only photo editor out there. You may not have the money to buy it, not like the interface, or simply not want to go around downloading such a space-consuming program on your computer. In any of these cases, there are several other options to explore that provide alternatives for Photoshop and Elements both.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and most acclaimed alternatives to Photoshop Elements that you can add to your arsenal of photography.


For a Great All-Round Experience – Luminar

While still new on the photo editing scene, Macphun’s Luminar has made its way to the top most ranks when it comes to serious photo editing. It can easily rival not only Photoshop Elements but the complete version of Photoshop just as well.

With Luminar, you can make basic adjustments to your images and also perform many advanced edits like you would in Photoshop. You have RAW editing, layer masking, selective adjustments, exposure controls, noise reduction, and much more packed together in a very intuitive interface that both beginners and professionals can use.

One of the best features of Luminar is its Workspaces. Users can essentially choose which tools they use most for a specific kind of photo and create their own Workspace showcasing only those tools. So for example, if you use only exposure and color controls for landscape photos, your Workspace can put those tools at the top. And if you like using presets and filters for portrait shots, those can be showcased at the top of your portrait Workspace.

For Something that Lives Online – Pixlr

Many people who use Photoshop Elements use it for basic image editing needs. For those people, Pixlr’s web editor may be the perfect alternative. It can be accessed from any browser, so there is no downloading and installing involved and it can be used anywhere with an internet connection. Pixlr provides many advanced features like RAW editing and layer masks just like Photoshop. It’s a great tool for quick and easy image editing if you want something that doesn’t bog your system down and doesn’t need to be installed anywhere to be used with ease.

For a Completely Free Alternative – GIMP

If you are already familiar Photoshop offers, chances are that you will have no problem in understanding how to use GIMP. Simply download it for free from its website and gain access to several Photoshop features like noise removal, image sharpening, creating and masking layers, cropping unwanted objects, performing selection editing, lens and color correction and several more.

GIMP is touted by many as a true Photoshop alternative thanks to its amazing array of tools. However, for people looking for a Photoshop Elements replacement, GIMP might be a little too complicated. But when you factor in the non-existent price tag for a piece of software that rivals the likes of Photoshop and Luminar, you might as well take a chance with it.

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