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photo editing on iphone

One of the most frequently asked questions devoted to the iPhone graphic looks like this: “Is there a quality photo editing apps for iPhone on iPhone?” Or “The program is cool, but is there free?”. Many novice photographers want to find analogs of photoshop on the iOS platform. After all, I want to share my photos with my friends as soon as possible. Today we will look at apps for iPad and iPhone.


When there are words like “free” & “iOS” in one sentence, it’s merely unrealistic not to mention Snapseed. The program deserves attention. Since Google purchased this program and zeroed its price tag, it’s no longer a matter of what kind of program can be called the best when the question is about free (and maybe among the paid) photo-programs for iPhone. Convenient, not overloaded and responsive interface, rich functionality and fast work are all these indicators make the king of processing photos on the iPhone. This is the favorite application for processing pictures on the iPhone for many users. Recommended for downloading an acquaintance editing tools. Snapseed is the powerful photo editor.

Photoshop Express

Here, as in Photoshop Express, the full functionality is available for money, but do not worry, the feature that is available initially allows you create these masterpiece shots. This is a professional «child» of Adobe Photoshop on the iPhone and iPad. Stop here, search the internet for information and read about the recently released Adobe Photoshop touch for the iPhone and Android. However, be prepared to part with $ 5 for the ability to own an application. If the item about $ 5 scares you, then you will have to settle for a simplified / trimmed, but free, version of the app.

Free in adobe photoshop expresses user is available: 10 frames and ten filters, exposure adjustment, brightness, saturation and color tones, red-eye removal. Also for the money inside the program, you can purchase many additional functions (additional tools, more frames, and effects, etc.).

Pix: Pixel Mixer

Favorite by many and familiar many excellent free application for pictures and editing on the iPhone. One of the things that once surprised me very much in Pix is its outstanding quality combined with superior functionality and free.

Functional: 31 filter, 24 textures light leaks, 16 frames.

Camera Awesome

This is precisely the case when the name of the application correctly corresponds to its content. This program is really “awesome.” In due time, by its output Camera, Awesome managed to bite off a pretty piece of the market from Camera +. In general, look at the functional itself, which is offered to us free of charge, and you will all be prime.

Functional: Video creation, About 100 effects, Over 30 frames and textures, Many options for selecting the exposure option (by a rule of thirds, golden section, square, etc.) and much more.


About 100 filters, textures, and frames are in total available to the user Pixlromatic. Beautiful, pleasing to the eye, the interface, responsive controls and pleasant impressions of the work.

The full version of the application will cost you one dollar, but it’s worth it. For access to more than 100 filters and effects, 100 frames and 200 textures to lay out 0.99 $ is not a pity at all.

Pixlr Express PLUS

Another magnificent brainchild from the developers Pixlromatic. Only this is completely free and at the same time tools and filters are better. Here such here a paradox.

Functional: Over 100 effects, frames and lighting effects; Crop, resize and rotate the image; Auto enhancement function; Red-eye removal; Artificial teeth whitening in the photo; advanced editing tools.

Phonto – Text on images

Phonto is an excellent tool for adding text to your pictures. A large number of settings and pre-installed fonts, as well as the unique ability to combine their fonts via iTunes, make Phonto a welcome photo editing software. For full functionality photo editing tools will have to pay, but firstly, for everyday needs, you can do without it, and secondly, your few bucks Phonto will work for you more than once.

Muzy: Photo Editors, Collages, and more

This photo editing app, in my opinion, a little loses to other rendered in this TOP10 free tools for photo editing. It seems that Muzy has everything: collages of pictures can do, a lot of frames are also available, the function of remove unwanted objects, the built-in editor for images is here as well as the text can be added, but it does not draw. Add your opinion about the program is not difficult at all, and it will cost nothing to you – the app itself free.


For a long time, I doubted whether to include this application in top free apps for editing photos on the iPhone and, after all, decided that it was worth it. Despite the somewhat meager set of editing tools, they all already had an excellent time to show themselves and became a kind of classic. In my opinion, on some filters from Instagram you will not go far, but as a satellite program for other applications for pumping a photo (for Snapseed for example) it will come in handy

So our top has come to an end. There is one thing that I would like you to remember; you can devote a lot of time to processing a photo and still get a flat picture on the screen of your iPhone. A good photo is a photo and only then are the effects, color and adjust. There is nothing wrong with editing, but do not forget about honing skills of searching for light and composing the composition. Iphonegraphy is primarily photography and only then editing.

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